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How to find adsense and wordpress friendly templates

 If you are looking for the best free Blogger templates, this list includes many that you can use to build any niche blog.

Blogger is probably the oldest blogging platform in the world. Google Blogger has been home to millions of bloggers since 1999, and still maintains a stable market share in the content management platform.

Of all the known websites that use the content management system, Blogger accounts for 1.5% of those websites, which comes out using 0.9% of all known personal websites; thank you W3Techs.

Some stick with Blogger because it is a Google product, and you can expect high security and quality standards. Some enjoy the easy-to-navigate blogging dashboard to get content out quickly and without pain.

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Free Blogger Templates

WordPress blog themes

Blogging has been one of the most important topics in recent decades. Owners of small and large businesses have long recognized that blogging is a great way to generate more traffic, more sales, free exposure, and often to build community awareness about content publishing.

The benefits of blogging outweigh any disadvantages that you need to set up and maintain. From simple rewards such as increased search engine visibility and marketing opportunities to things like authority and increased conversion rates - blogging has something to offer everyone.

Finding good templates can sometimes be painful for the butt, not because there is no availability. However, the opposite is true - there are so many beautiful styles and templates to choose from, the process of finding the right one can som

etimes feel overwhelming. We decided to try and solve this mystery of finding your perfect template by compiling a list of free Blogger templates that are modernized and enhanced with the latest features, widgets, and code levels.

Free Blogger Templates

1.A little

blogger templates

As the name implies, Little is a small blog theme that has no instruments and whistles, but it makes the tasks make and look amazing. This is probably my favorite theme we have created so far.


blogger templates

Kaplan is our latest Blogger template and is the best template we have ever released. It is mobile friendly, fast, customizable and completely free. It can be used for any news or magazine style website like fashion, cars, travel, gossip, and much more.


blogger templates

Plasm is a smart and beautiful template for a well-suited magazine style, technology, or news site and blog. This template is free to use without limitation as long as you add credit to the original author. Just leave their URL at the foot of the site and enjoy a free template that works well.


blogger templates

Ember is a clean travel magazine theme and lifestyle that you can use on your blogs. It is Colorlib's original design and code, which means you can expect the best quality when it comes to Blogger themes and any website templates in general.

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The web is huge, who knows what tomorrow will bring. PhotoMag is a beautiful, attractive, sophisticated and free Blogger template for Blogger. So the name, it fits very well in all the types of photo projects you would like to start. Jump with both feet, download PhotoMag and bring your online presence. Now is the best time to start sharing your work with the world and transform what was once a hobby into a full-time business.

blogger templates

PhotoMag has a full screen slide with clickable text, sticky navigation, multi-level navigation, and more post option. PhotoMag rocks web design is black, make your work look great and polished. Various widgets, responsive layouts, and many advanced assets adorn PhotoMag to deliver high quality user experience. It would be better not to start things because immediately it is always the best way. Turn PhotoMag into your web site and do some damage.


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So far the best free blogger template that will take your website to the next level. A simple magazine style theme with ad spaces, several custom widgets, a photo slide, and a premium look. This is also the most impressive Blogger template we have seen even when looking at various premium templates.


blogger templates

Shutter Blogger photography portfolio with a large slide area at the top. It has everything you can think of in a premium template, with the exception of this free one. How cool is that?


blogger templates

Pixel is our latest Blogger template completely free to use for privacy and marketing. Includes several sites and ads for ads such as AdSense or other ads. The team is also notorious for madness, with thousands of users jumping on it during its first 2 weeks.


blogger templates

newcon free blogger template

As the name implies, Newcon is a free special Blogger template for online magazines and news pages. And if after blogging, boy, you come to the right place. Newcon is a flexible and flexible system that will suit even the most selective users. Although it already comes with a sophisticated design that will be enjoyed by everyone, you can still customize it and customize Newcon to suit your needs.

Newcon is responsive and ready for the retina, and is designed for search engines. Driving traffic to your website will be much easier. However, a good combination of website and your deadly content that will help you win an online game. In addition, Newcon has a menu with tabs, newsletter subscriptions, an error page, an active administrator and is fully compatible with ads.


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